Welcome to Golfing Minds…Master your game!

My aim is to improve your game and lower your scores without technically changing your swing. We will achieve this by using techniques that improve the way you think about your game. We will use some of the latest profiling technology to establish the areas that need the most work, and only then you will see some significant results.

There is more to golf than just the physical part of the game. There’s the mental game which is so often forgotten by most of us. For ‘the once a month golfer’ who just wants a friendly round and who has no desire to improve, this is probably fine. For those of us who want to improve and ‘know’ that we are better than we show on the course, the mental side of the game needs work. However, so do the technical and physical sides of the game. If you’re someone who believes that golf is 90 percent mental then this site is not for you, as in fact it is not. It is however, a very important part of the game which we must learn to practice

How many times have you been to the range and hit the ball like a pro and then gone to the course and been unable to reproduce that form? Are you the person who putts so well on the practice green only to find that when you’re in the middle of your medal round, you are sending them six feet past the hole or six feet short? Do you constantly have a nagging voice in your head that tells you how you should be setting up and hitting the ball? These are just some of the things that we have to work on.